The scientific research is one of the two core competitiveness for SANYHE. SANYHE uses a large proportion of the sales proceeds for R&D per year in order to lead the upgrading of domestic coal machine products up to international first-class level. At present, SANYHE has a national level Postdoctoral Scientific Research Work Station, 113 approved valid patents. In addition, SANYHE research institute collects numerous excellent engineers in the coal machinery industry, moreover, 6 research academies and 23 institutes form R&D system integrating with mining, excavation and protection into a whole, and becomes one of large-sized research organization in this industry. SANYHE introduces experts on coal industry at home and abroad to provide professional consultation service, directly establishes schools with some famous colleges on orientation training of professional talents, and jointly sets large-sized R&D projects with coal enterprises to complement each other’s advantages and shorten the R&D period.
I. Research College
Research College is the core of R&D organization, being responsible for planning of R&D projects with other research institutions, management of R&D project in corporation as well as development and test of new products and new field.

II. Integrated Excavating Machines Research Academy
The research academy mainly engages in the R&D of roadheader for coal mine and relative supporting equipments. Up to now, it has introduced many new technologies into coal industry successfully, involving cut technology of full hard rock, shock absorption and loose-proof technology, quality control technology for key materials, argillutite cutting and protection technology for core grouting in transportation system, high gradient downward excavation technology, hard road excavation technology at super narrow roadway, central electrical system and so on. After incessant innovation and technical accumulation, SANYHE has listed among the top three in the integrated excavation field in China. Its remarkable results include the follows: successfully manufactured EBZ200H hard rock roadheader with higher performance value may substitute the imported product entirely; first manufactured 1.8m EBZ132 roadheader with narrow machine body and over 130kw cutting power; as well as the first high gradient roadheader in the world and so on. The institute sets 6 research organizations, such as integrated research institute, hydraulic pressure institute, electrical institute, industrial laws institute, mining concrete equipment institute, modularization design institute, etc.

III. Coal Mining Machine Research Academy
Coal Mining Machine Academy mainly engages in R&D of complete set of integrated coal mining machine, which have successfully solved many technical difficult problems in integrated coal mining field, moreover, developed MG200/510-WD and MG250/610-WD coal mining machine and other products. It sets 2 departments, i.e. Coal Miner Research Institute and Automation Station.

IV. Supporting and Protection Equipment Research Academy
Supporting and Protection Equipment Academy mainly engages in the R&D of hydraulic pressure support, being with central technology patent in the field, whose products have been put into operation in many large-sized coal enterprises. The academy sets 5 departments, such as Hydraulic Pressure I Institute, Hydraulic Pressure II Institute, Hydraulic Pressure Institute, Automation Institute and Emergency Rescue Institute.

V. Mining Vehicle Research Academy
The institute employs many professional high-tech talents and introduces many high-tech equipment, mainly engaging in the R&D and provision of multi high-efficient, high-quality and environmental protection type mining vehicles, such as transport vehicle, shovel transport vehicle, rail vehicle, emergency rescue equipment, pillar plate and explosion-proof diesel engine and other products. The institute sets various departments, such as Electrical Department, Hydraulic Pressure Department, Rail Vehicle Department, Shovel Transport Vehicle Department, Transport Vehicle Department, Pillar Plate and Explosion-Proof Diesel Engine Department, Emergency Rescue Vehicle Department, etc.

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