·2012-1-1 On January 1st, Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd purchased all the assets related to off-highway mining truck business of Sany Heavy Machinery for 144,000,000RMB. Now the enterprise's production line covers from underground mining machinery including roadheaders and longwall system to open cast mining field which means vertical integration of mining equipment production ability has achieved.
·2012-4-7 On April 7th, Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd was awarded "National Outstanding Enterprise in Coal Mining Industry" by Coal Machinery lndustry Association of China. It was the forth time that Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd was honored such title.
·2012-4-20 On April 20th, Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd was invited by the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and the exhibited project is awarded Gold Prize of Mining Machinery.
·2012-5-3 On May 3rd, Debugging Team of Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd Roadheader Manufacturing Department is awarded "National Worker Pioneer" by National Federation of Trade Unions. It is the top award to foundation level workers issued by National Federation of Trade Unions.
·2012-8-20 On August 20th,Longwall System Informationize Project by Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd.'s wholly-owned subsidiary-Sany Heavy Equipment Longwall System Equipment Co., Ltd was listed on National Industrial Development and Technical Renovation Programs of Central Budget Investment Plan.
·2012-9-19 On September 19th, the BH38/2×400 Plow, which was researched and developed by Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. independently, was listed on Ministry of Science and Technology's 863 Technical Plan. The plow is also awarded for First Prize of Shenyang Scientific and Technological Progress. This product broke monopoly situation of foreign products and the mining efficiency is 3 times of traditional low-seam shearer. It improves the efficiency utilization of coal resource.
·2012-11-29 On November 29th, Sany Heavy Equipment was listed as the "Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise of Liaoning Province" due to the advantage of utilization of intellectual property system, enhancing self-innovation ability, utilizing intellectual strategy, and promotion of the competitiveness ability by utilizing the intellectual property.
·2012-12-4 On December 4th, Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. production line was awarded "Five Star Workshop of National Site Management Evaluation" by China Association for Quality. In the mean time, the shearer assembly line and long wall roof support coating production line was awarded 4 Star Site.


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